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Outdoor Chiller Has Wide Range of Operating Conditions


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Thermal Care has introduced an outdoor packaged chiller designed with the flexibility to provide process cooling year‐round, with a wider range of operating conditions than comparable models. Accuchiller KSE Series chillers are fully packaged, integral air‐cooled outdoor units manufactured to work in the harshest weather environments. Units are factory tested and ready for easy installation; just run piping and power to the unit and it is set for operation.

Energy saving variable speed EC fans allow the chiller to withstand ambient conditions from ‐20 F to 125 F. As an added bonus, the process fluid circuit allows for more flexibility with a set point temperature range from 20 F to 80 F.

Outdoor chiller for plastics processing

KSE Series chillers come with an advanced outdoor PLC control system with ModBus TCP/IP & RTU and a 7‐in. color touch screen similar to the controllers used on Thermal Care’s Accuchiller NQ Series portable chillers. This robust control system provides premium performance and extensive diagnostic capabilities with a multitude of communication options making it IIoT ready including OPC/UA, BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP and LonWorks. Screen layouts are improved to simplify finding data in an easy to follow format. Connecting to Thermal Care’s optional Connex 4.0 system allows for integrated connectivity and secure remote access to all related connected equipment.

KSE Series chillers are available from 40 to 720 tons in a combined system. Units come with or without integrated pumping packages in either low or high pressures designs with an optional redundant standby pump. The high pressure design allows it to support entire plant wide cooling system
needs. Thermal Care also offers a proven line of smaller outdoor packaged chillers available from 4 to 30 tons.