PARTS HANDLING: Negative Pressure Moves Plastics Parts

New system opens up vacuum conveying of molded parts.

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Kongskilde, Hudson, Ill., highlighted its new Component Vacuum Loader (CVL) at NPE2015 for handling and batching plastic parts. The company says the CVL is opening up a new market for conveying finished parts.

Using high-efficiency pressure- and frequency-controlled blowers that are coupled to a specially designed vacuum collection/separation/discharge system, the CVL transports parts such as closures via negative pressure. The CVL reportedly has moved parts as far as 150 ft in a 4-in.-diam. line with no damage.

In the system, parts fall by gravity into the vacuum chamber, where a cylinder actuates, dropping the parts out. The company says the unit allows manufacturers to move product in specified batches to descramblers, boxes, or silos.