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Pelletizing: Extrusion Control System Extended to Pelletizing

First unit in place at a rotomolder for recycling scrap.


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Extrusion machine builder American Kuhne has extended its XC300 Navigator controls system to pelletizing operations. The first such system recently shipped to a leading rotomolder for recycling and reintroducing its post-industrial regrind to its primary process.

The Navigator controls supervise the entire process allowing the extruder speed and/or melt pump speed to tie directly to cutter speed, ensuring consistent pellet size and shape. Trending extruder pressures versus extruder speeds versus drive loads, along with alerts and alarms, gives the operator visibility into the behavior of the raw materials and feeding systems. Alerts to water temperature can indicate a shift in the process or an outside change that is detrimental to the quality of the pellet.