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PET Base Tooling for Oval Bottles Boosts Stability, Trims Weight

Sidel’s new StarLITE HPC base design boosts bottle stability by up to 25%, cuts weight, and enables faster blowing and lower blowing pressure.


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Sidel's new StarLITE HPC base for oval bottles.

Sidel’s new StarLITE HPC base for oval bottles keeps bottles upright, trims weight, and speeds processing—at lower pressure, too.

A new base design for oval PET bottles is said to offer multiple processing and performance benefits. Foremost among them is up to 25% improved container stability, both empty and filled. The StarLITE HPC base from Sidel employs an “anti-rock” design based on 360° continuous contact surface that is said to improve tilt angle and may be combined with structural ribs and oval push-up. The asymmetric, structured base design reportedly improves material distribution, prevents unexpected base roll-out, and contributes to lightweighting opportunities, such as a 0.5 g reduction for a 500-ml container. The doubled sitting surface and balanced stretching ratios between short and long sides enable better material distribution while avoiding base sagging, explains Sidel packaging expert Laurent Naveau.

The StarLITE HPC base is usable with up to 100% rPET, according to Sidel. The new design also is reportedly easy to blow and reduces blowing pressure by up to 10%—e.g., a 3-bar decrease for a 420-ml container. The base design also makes it possible to push production output up to 15% higher than the market average. For instance, an oval container produced at 1600 bottles/hr per mold with a standard market base can be blown at up to 1800 bph/m with the StarLITE HPC base, enabling up to 2000 bph/m, depending on bottle shape, Sidel claims. The new base is compatible with all generations of Sidel SBO stretch-blow machines.