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PHA-Based Resins for Blown-Cast Films, Injection Molding and Thermoforming

TerraVerdae Bioworks has globally launched a new line of PHA-based resins for customer evaluation.


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A new line of PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate) resins has been globally launched for customer evaluations by Canada’s Terra Verdae Bioworks. The 13-year-old performance bioplastics company had developed a portfolio of biopolymer and bioplastics technology based on PHAs and operates product development and pilot-scale production facilities in both Edmonton, AB, and Charlottetown, PEI.

The new resin formulations are available in three versions: for blown/cast films, injection molding and thermoforming. Their launch constitutes a major milestone in TerraVerdae’s extensive development effort to produce plastic resins that are not just biobased and biodegradable, but also, have requisite performance properties for customers to meet evolving material needs and sustainability goals. PHA polymers are biobased, biodegradable, biocompatible and can be processed as thermoplastics into a range of end products. TerraVerdae’s PHA biopolymer technology is considered a leading alternative to non-sustainable plastics for a wide range of applications in the agri-food, packaging, personal care, forestry, coatings, adhesives and associated markets

TerraVerdae Bioworks launches new line of PHA formulations

Said company president and CEO William Bardosh,“TerraVerdae is garnering global interest in its PHA biopolymer technology as jurisdictions and industries around the world actively work to reduce the impact of plastic waste. From oceans of plastics to unrecycled heaps of plastic waste and overflowing landfills, TerraVerdae’s technology offers a sustainable path for product manufacturers to develop high-performing yet compostable bioplastic materials that will reduce the build-up of petroleum-based plastic trash in the environment.”