Feeding & Blending | 1 MINUTE READ

Precise Twin-Screw Feeder

Designed for precise batching and weighing applications.


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The Model TSF twin-screw feeder from Best Process Solutions, Brunswick, Ohio, is designed for precise batching and weighing applications. The feeder’s dual-helix design combines fast, high-volume filling with accurate dribble flow at the end of the cycle. Its compact design is ideal when limited space prohibits multiple individual screw units.

Two helixes—1½ in. and 4 in. diam.—are mounted on an 18 in. x 22 in. hopper. They are rated at 17 ft3/hr and 283 ft3/hr, respectively, at maximum rpm with 100%-efficient conveyable product and no slippage.

The TSF is reportedly ideal for batching to weigh-hoppers; low loss-in-weight scale-monitored flow; low loss-of-weight batch applications with scales; drum and pail packout lines; and recipe-type batching by multiple computer-controlled units. Many options are available.


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