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PROCESS COOLING: Cooling System Upgrades Control

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Next-generation controller, adiabatic cooling, and water- and air-cooled TCUs on display.

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Frigel, East Dundee, Ill., will highlight its new 3PR Intelligent Control System, which features a 7-inch full-color touch-screen interface, putting more data points at processors fingertips, according to the company. 3PR automatically adjusts the Frigel cooling system using real-time data.


Frigel notes that troubleshooting features, combined with remote access capability, help operators minimize downtime. The controller’s onboard memory further aids in troubleshooting and uptime by continuously storing key operating conditions, which can be downloaded for detailed analyses.


Frigel will also exhibit its Ecodry 3DK closed loop adiabatic liquid cooler, the next generation of its patented adiabatic system that the company says can increase water and energy savings, while improving cooling precision, and reducing maintenance and saving space.


Microgel Chiller/TCUs will also be showcased. The compact, portable units are available in single- or dual-zone formats with water- or air-cooling, allowing users to maintain precise, microprocessor-controlled temperatures. Compared to central chillers, Frigel says its Microgel units save 60% of energy costs while using less space. In addition, Frigel will highlight its VFD Pump Set, and its HB-Therm and Turbogel temperature control units.


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