PROCESS COOLING: New TCUs Promise Higher Pump Efficiency

The temperature control unit’s (TCU) pump is redesigned so that the amount of fluid delivered with each revolution of the impeller is significantly increased.

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After a soft launch at NPE2015 and a successful beta testing at customers, a new line of TCUs from The Conair Group, Cranberry Township, Penn., was on display at MD&M West (Feb. 9-11; Anaheim Convention Center). Conair says that the redesign results in greater pump efficiency as defined by the volume and/or the pressure of water delivered per unit of energy, with savings of up to $740/year in pumping energy costs possible.

Sales officially began on Jan. 4, according to Conair, with 42 of the units already in the field when the company spoke with Plastics Technology at MD&M West. The new units also feature a higher maximum exiting water temperature, ranging up to 300°F (149°C). At this temperature, molders could utilize water in lieu of oil as the heat-transfer medium. The new TCUs have a maximum heater size of 48 kW, which is twice the heating capacity previously available in a standard-sized cabinet.

Three Configurations
All the new TCUs have the same basic mechanical design and features but molders can choose between three different control platforms: Value, Standard and Premium. The Value unit comes preconfigured with two pump sizes and no options to keep prices low. The Standard and Premium models are available in more pump sizes with a higher level of customization. Standard and Premium models are also available with optional remote communication capabilities that allow users to change settings and diagnose problems using standard communication formats like Modbus and Ethernet/IP.

Both standard and premium units can operate optional solid state relay (SSR) heater controls and be equipped with modulating flow-control valves in place of standard solenoid versions. The “floating” valve is separately driven open and closed so it can to widen or shut completely or partially, depending on process requirements.

Premium TCUs offer a choice of control sensor location controls and can operate based on supply temperature readings, return temperature readings or an average of the two. In closed-circuit cooling models where process and cooling water are completely isolated, the heat-exchanger capacity has been increased with two sizes available: a standard-capacity with five times the surface area of previous Conair TCUs and a high-capacity version with 10 times the heat exchanger surface area.

Additional premium options:

  • A separate remote mountable HMI
  • Flow meters
  • Phase protection
  • Improved diagnostics


The new TCUs are also available as part of Conair’s MedLine family of clean-room-ready auxiliaries. In this format, they facilitate clean operation, including wipe-down control panels, white powder coating, and urethane casters. In addition, they’re subjected to additional calibration steps, having been labeled and certified for one year before they leave the factory. They also come with a ISO and FDA quality and regulatory compliance package and documentation to ease cleanroom and process validation.