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Process Cooling: Temperature Control Unit Features Open Tank Design

Delta T Systems says the open tank design of its new TCU is ideal for processors dealing with bad water quality or no water supply options.


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Delta T Systems says its new Open Tank Design temperature control unit (TCU) uses a small amount of water circulating in a closed loop system, which makes it easy to chemically treat. The TCU is 100% self sufficient, portable and operates with low water pressure. Pump sizes range from ¾ to 3 hp for throughputs of 25 to 130 gpm. The low-watt density heater is available from 9 to 36 kW for fluid operating temperatures up to 180F (82C), with a single heater tank and optional cooling with heat exchanger.

Delta T Systems say the Open Tank Design TCU features a new pump design, which creates 50-100% greater flow at the same pressure point on the pump curve, as compared to other current designs. This new pump’s reduced energy consumption allows the series to be compliant with the Department of Energy’s 2020 Conservation Standards.

The water reservoir is constructed from polypropylene, and the unit reportedly features a simplified ergonomic design, including lift-off panels and robust construction. Other features include a bi-metal switch that prevents overheating, circuit protection for the motor, high-temperature pump seal, and dry-run protection for the heater. Delta T describes the cabinet and frame as industrial strength, with IEC and UL compliant components utilized in a compact footprint.  

delta t systems open tank design

Delta T Systems Open Tank Design temperature control unit targets process that either don’t have access to quality water or no access to water at all.