Productive, Energy-Efficient Pipe, Profile Extruders


Battenfeld-Cincinnati USA will show the solEX NG and conEX NG extruder series for the first time in the U.S. market. 


The conEX NG from Battenfeld-Cincinnati is conical twin-screw extruder for processing both PVC pipe and profiles. The screw core fits all screw tempering systems, and the gear box design allows several different motor positions (U or Z version). Processors can also choose between different barrel-tempering and dosing systems, allowing a wide range of outputs to be covered with one machine.

The machines can work with process pressures up to 7500 psi, which are required when producing small or thin-walled profiles or when using regrind and recycled materials in coextrusion. Thanks to minimized residence times and quick cleaning, color changes can also be affected much faster, which saves material.

Complete thermal insulation of the barrel minimizes heat loss, and by using reluctance or synchronous motors, the conEX NG reportedly offers energy savings of up to 20%.

conEX NG extruders are available in three sizes (42, 54 and 65 mm), with outputs from 80 to 550 lb/hr for profiles, and 100 to 1000 lb/hr for pipe. Several different space-saver or column designs are available for coextrusion. These can be adapted to every main extruder through improved height and tilt-adjustment facilities.

Meantime, the machine builder has designed its solEX NG line of single-screw extruders for polyolefin pipe with a completely redesigned screw feed section that allows for a significantly lower pressure profile. This ensures high specific outputs, fast process start-ups at low screw torques, and no conveying instabilities—even at high back pressures of up to 7200 psi, which are needed, for example, for the production of corrugated pipes.

The new processing unit reportedly makes possible a reduction of melt temperature by approximately 15-20° F. As a result, cooling length can be shortened or, alternatively, line speeds with the same cooling length can be maintained to reportedly boost output by as much as 20%. Lower melt temperatures at a consistently high level of melt homogeneity also result in better product quality through reduced sagging, for example, which is particularly important for thick-walled or large-diameter pipes.

The solEX NG series cuts energy usage by up to 15% because it operates with less drive power and lower energy losses. Thanks to the grooved barrel and corresponding lower pressure profile, energy savings can be achieved by reduced barrel cooling. 

The extruders from the solEX NG series come in four sizes (60, 75, 90 and 120 mm, 40 L/D) offering outputs from 2000 to 5000 lb/hr for HDPE, and from 1,650 to 4000 lb/hr for PP.

Both new machinery lines are equipped with the Industry 4.0 compatible BCtouch UX control system.


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