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Purging Compound for High-Temperature Engineering Resins

Stable at up to 750 F, Slide’s new Hi-Temp Purge is ideal for purging PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP and PEI.


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A new purging compound that is said to efficiently remove high-temperature resins from screw and barrel to help prevent specks and streaking during resin and color changes has been developed by Slide Products Inc., Wheeling, Ill.


Slide's new purging compound is stable at up to 750 F for high-temp engineering resins


Slide’s Hi-Temp Purge compound is stable up to 750 F so it works effectively for engineering resins such as PPS, PEEK, PET, LCP and PEI. Molders of such high-temperature resins require a purging compound that works effectively to remove residue from the screw and barrel during resin changes. Traditional purging compounds simply burn at the temperatures required to purge these resins. Hi-Temp Purge has been shown to significantly reduce purging times for color changes, resin changes and in removing carbon contamination build-up inside the barrel.

Hi-Temp Purge is available for testing and Slide purge engineers are available to help molders develop the most efficient procedures to achieve the shortest downtime. The purging compound is available in 50-lb. boxes and 1000-lb. gaylords.