Rapid Heat/Cool Molding with Induction Heating Achieves ‘High Definition’ Mold-Surface Replication

At least three exhibits will show the benefits of rapid heat/cool molding with Roctool’s induction heating.

Roctool is demonstrating “High-Definition” plastics mold-surface replication (HD Plastics) using “Heat & Cool” technology with fast-acting induction heating. The scope of what can be achieved is evident at KraussMaffei’s booth, where this technique is used in a 16-cavity tool that produces plaques with 16 different surface qualities—glossy, matte, hologram, etc.—in a single shot.

Milacron is using Roctool’s technology to achieve a Class-A surface on a MuCell foamed part.

And in its own booth, Roctool is molding an “impossibly” complex 3D housing with very high surface quality.


NPE2018 Exhibitors

Roctool SA

Booth: S17013

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MILACRON Booth including Cimcool, DME, Mold-Masters and Uniloy

Booth: W2703

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Krauss-Maffei Corporation (KraussMaffei Group)

Booth: W403

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