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Recycling: Innovations in Slow-Speed Granulation

New machine gives molders more flexibility in slow-speed modes. Range of other new granulators also debuted at K 2019.


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During K 2019, Rapid Granulator unveiled what it called “the biggest innovation in slow-speed granulation in years.” The new OneCUT PRO gives injection molders the flexibility to adjust the speed range when granulating at slow speeds—from the standard 25 rpm to a range of 15-35 rpm.

Running the new machine at the low end of the speed range helps improve the quality of ground highly brittle materials by minimizing dust generation, Rapid says. Reducing rotation speeds from 25 rpm to 15 rpm also reduces noise levels as much as by 3-5 dba. The ability to run the machine at higher speeds, meantime, allows molders to increase capacity by 30-40%. The torque level of the machine is maintained regardless of the speed at which it is running, states Rapid. 

Additional benefits of the new machine include the operator-friendly “Open Hearted” design. The OneCUT PRO also uses a new system that reportedly can cut energy usage by 80%. Operators can stop the machine when accumulating materials, rather than having it run continuously. With Rapid Stop & Go mode, the granulator will stop and go in intervals, so there is zero energy consumption and no noise during pause mode. 

At K 2019, Rapid Granulator also had four OneCUT PRO machines running at its booth. 

Also at this year’s event, the company presented its complete line of ThermoPRO machines, a new range of granulators specifically designed for in-line processing of skeletal waste from sheet and film thermoforming lines. The ThermoPRO is equipped with a new heavy-duty roller-feed system that also can handle the start-up cups up to 200 mm height in the web, eliminating any extra labor costs and material waste. It operates at a noise levels below 80 dba. Rapid Granulator offers 15 different base configuration machines, depending on customer requirements.

Another highlight, which debuted at K 2016, is Raptor DUO, a machine combining the benefits of a pre-cutter and a granulator. The system has since been upgraded.


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