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Recycling: New Free-Fall Metal Separator

This system is optimized for applications in plastics, especially for granulate and compound producers.


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Sesotec extends its range of free-fall metal separators with the Rapid Pro-Sense 6. This system is optimized for plastics applications, especially for granulate and compound producers. The model reportedly features a high detection accuracy and provides protection against metal particles, and the logbook function allows full traceability. It also is suitable for applications involving abrasive material.

Rapid Pro-Sense 6 is characterized by an aperture size ranging from 50 to 250 mm that can be adapted to customer requirements, and features a wear-resistant design—for example, it does not contain any product-contacting seals that might come loose.

Rapid Pro-Sense 6 allows tool-free cleaning. The metal separator is suited for compound producers who need frequent color changes and/or short cleaning intervals. Optional washing nozzles allow water cleaning of the interior. Short cleaning time is said to increase uptime. The unit is equipped with an Ethernet interface and is "IoT-ready."

Rapid Pro Sense

The Rapid Pro-Sense 6 metal separator.