RECYCLING: Shredder Ideal for Hard Plastic Scrap, And More

Originally titled 'RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM: Shredders for Hard Waste'

At NPE 2015, WEIMA America will have on hand its latest shredders that handle a variety of types of plastic waste.

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Bringing a diverse range of machinery that can handle the many different types of plastic waste, is WEIMA America, Fort Mills, S.C. Included is the brand new WLK1000 shredder featuring a V-rotor design that reportedly makes it ideal for the various forms of hard plastic scrap. The unit’s drop-down screen basket is said to make changing the screen on this machine much easier. The model on display will also show a pipe-spacer hopper design.

            WEIMA will also showcase the WLK10 which features the robust WEIMA gearbox and four-sided serrated ram. It will include an E-rotor design, which is said to be ideal for film and fiber. Also on display will be the company’s largest machine. The WLK20 Jumbo, which will be equipped with an F+ rotor design, is said to be ideal for processing a mix of film and hard plastics. A platform next to the Jumbo will allow visitors to view inside the unit’s massive hopper. A two-stage shredding system will also be running throughout the show: A WEIMA WLK4 will be feeding an NZ Granulator and the finished product will be discharged through an air system, allowing spectators to view the entire size reduction process.