RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM: Shredders with VFD Inverter Drives

Variable-speed drives sense tramp metal and match rotor speed and torque to the load.

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The newest series of single-shaft shredders from Vecoplan LLC, High Point, N.C., uses variable-frequency inverter drives (VFD), which eliminate gearboxes and fluid couplings. The electric drive senses tramp metal and stops automatically; it can also match rotor speed and torque to the load, a function of infeed volume and the material’s resistance to size reduction.

A development of the company’s VAZ line, the new V-Eco shredders use “W” rotors, said to be equally suited to flexible, fibrous, rigid, or bulky materials. Units can have single or double rows of bed knives that are externally adjustable. The drop-down screen carriage has pneumatic assist, while the cutting-chamber floor has hydraulic lift-up for quick, safe, and convenient access. Just push a button for cleanouts, material changes, or tramp-metal removal—no bolts to remove and replace; no realignment necessary.