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2/16/2018 | 1 MINUTE READ

Redesigned Melt-Filtration Systems

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Patented rotary filtration systems are completely encapsulated by two filter blocks with a hatch-door allowing access without interrupting the production process. 

Gneuss Filtration Technology is exhibiting several different models of its patented rotary filtration systems. On these systems, the screen cavities are arranged in a ring pattern completely encapsulated by two filter blocks. Screens can be inserted into the cavities by opening a small hatch-door, giving access to the cavities while the production process continues without interruption.

All models have been completely revised since NPE2015. Modifications to the screen changer housings permit operation on a wider range of applications at higher pressures, while offering larger active-filtration areas. Components and modules have been standardized to offer shorter delivery lead times and lower costs.

The SFXmagnus series operates automatically and keeps process and pressure constant. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the series is characterized by an extra large active screen surface area, its compact design, and easy operation. Screen changes do not have any influence on the product quality. An SFXmagnus 60 with an active filtration area of 23 in2 is on display.

Gneuss’ top model, the RSFgenius, operates with an integrated self-cleaning system for very demanding applications and highest quality requirements. Screens can be automatically re-used up to 400 times; filtration mesh capturing particulate below 10 microns are available. At the show, a RSFgenius 150 with an active filtration area of 70 in2  is teamed with Gneuss’ MRS 130 extruder.

Gneuss is also exhibiting exhibiting a KF 150 screen changer with an active screen area of 28 in2. The KF range of continuous filtration systems is designed specifically for applications with frequent material type, grade or color changes, as well as for high-pressure applications like blown film. The KF screen changers are especially compact and permit simple and quick screen changes on the fly.


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