Post-Industrial Recycling | 1 MINUTE READ

Regeneration Line for Recycling

GM105 Compac can recycle materials like PP and PE in the form of pre-sized films, coils or loose products. 


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The GM105 Compac regeneration line from Italian supplier Gamma Meccanica S.p.A. (GM) is said to be flexible and suitable for recycling PP and PE in the form of pre-sized films, coils or loose products.

Like all GM Compac lines, the GM105 Compac’s extruder block and feeding system are assembled to provide greater stability and offer a more integrated and compact layout to the line. The electrical panel is mounted on the base of the line, helping prevent errors during installation since it is not necessary to disconnect cables during transport and re-wire them during assembly. Another electrical panel is separated from the machine and houses the largest inverters. The line is controlled by an electronic touch-screen panel placed on a support so that it can be positioned by the operator.

The line’s components include: feeding system with cutter-compactor; single-screw extruder and double-degassing vents; filter; and water-ring pelletizer TDA 4.0. Production capacity range is 900-1500 lb/hr. 

Thanks to its Ecotronic software for power control, the power consumption of the line is low with potential energy savings up to 40%. In addition, the Ecotronic platform allows control of the temperature without injecting water into the material. An important feature of the line is the presence of the feeding screw, which guarantees a constant flow of material to the extruder.

As on all GM lines, devices are installed for the remote connection of the machines. Through this connection, it is possible to monitor the line while it is running and, if necessary, to modify and optimize the software (both PLC and HMI).