Republic Machine Showcases Innovation in Shredders

Republic is demonstrating its split-apart shredder design letting visitors see the machine's ability to open and close first hand.


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Republic Machine, a manufacturer of single-shaft shredders, is showcasing at Booth W2163 its modular patented split-apart shredder design that allows for stand-up cleaning and other maintenance. Republic is demonstrating the open-and-close feature in its booth for attendees.

Republic is also presenting its Zoidal non-wrapping cutter design for the shredders, which is used for breaking down films and fibers. This design helps to prevent any material from wrapping around the rotor.

In addition, Republic Machine is now guaranteeing its single-shaft rotor for life. “We’re so confident in the quality of rotors we build—they don’t break—that we are guaranteeing them for life,” says Dave Miller, general manager, size reduction at Republic. “We’re one of the only lifetime guarantees in the size reduction industry.”

Republic also has upgraded its open architecture control system, which is based on Allen Bradley’s Micrologix 1400 control with a design that meets all system requirements.

“We’re constantly thinking of how to improve for a more efficient machine,” Miller says. “The controls are extremely important in managing certain materials and they also provide energy savings by allowing a more efficient way of how we manage the machine.”

Republic’s single-shaft shredders are used in a wide range of size-reduction and recycling applications involving plastic, carpeting and medical waste. Other machines the company offers include the dial-a-length pipe shredder and the horizontal shredder. Miller says that one of main ways using a shredder provides an advantage over other size-reduction machines is that shredders don’t require someone to feed in parts all day. Another differentiator for Republic’s equipment, according to the company, is that its machines are designed specifically for the plastics industry.

“Republic is focused on plastics—all cutter, rotor and program controls—everything is designed for plastics material,” Miller says. “As opposed to trying to handle all different sectors at once, we focus on the customer and the material.”


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