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Resin-Specific Injection Screws & LSR Conversion Kit

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Zeiger Industries shows a Plug-n-Play LSR conversion kit and screws designed and built of special materials for specific engineering resins, especially reinforced grades.

Zeiger Industries is demonstrating its LSR Plug-n-Play conversion kit installed on a Milacron-Fanuc Roboshot α-S55iA press. The kit includes a Wexco 777 water-cooled barrel, Zpringlok LSR pre-closed valve, ZSAR PM zero-compression screw, and Zeiger’s proprietary barrel/screw sealing device.

Zeiger is also showing its latest ZP screw designs for processing engineering polymers. Four of the screws on display are resin-specific optimized designs for glass-filled (GF) nylon, GF LCP, GF PPS/PUS, and PC/acrylic. Also shown is the Multi-Material ZP screw recommended as a replacement for standard GP screws.

Zeiger says its optimized screw designs, built from resin-specific materials, are giving customers “routinely” 50% longer screw life, significant reductions in annual maintenance costs, and improved profitability due to less downtime and fewer rejects.


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Zeiger Industries

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