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Revamped DeDuster Debuts at NPE2018

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Four years after introducing its C-20 DeDuster to the market, Pelletron will unveil a revamped version at NPE2018.

Four years after its introduction in 2014, Pelletron has completely redesigned its C‐20 DeDuster model. The dust-removal system is capable of processing up to 100 lb/hr of dry, granular material, yet requires no additional floor space.

Features of the revamped C‐20 DeDuster include:

  • A refined Venturi zone geometry that reduces carryover.
  • Easy installation directly on top of the glass tube hopper of the machine.
  • Safe operation via integrated level sensor that is installed in glass tube hopper, and can stop the material flow.
  • Easier operations via to a completely new feeder assembly with variable speed paddle for finer control of solids feed rate.
  • Flat disc-type filters with more surface area rather than previous closed‐end cylinder type filters, easing maintenance.
  • Capacity for higher temperature applications thanks to increased temperature limits of dry, granular material from 150° F to 185° F.
  • Visible cleaning process due to the new side window.


NPE2018 Exhibitor

Pelletron Corporation

Booth: W2153

View Showroom

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