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Rocheleau Introduces Its Largest Reciprocating-Screw Blow Molder

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Machine can produce six 1-gal containers or up to 16 smaller products.

Rocheleau Tool & Die Co., Inc., manufacturer of extrusion blow molding machinery, molds and automation, is introducing its largest machine yet, the Model RS-90 reciprocating-screw blow molder, targeting dairy, industrial and consumer containers. 

The RS-90 is capable of six-cavity gallon production or up to 16 cavities of smaller items.  With a 90-mm extruder, output is expected to exceed 750 lb/hr of HDPE. The RS-90 is powered by a hybrid system, utilizing both VFD electric technology and hydraulics, providing energy efficiencies as well as ease of operation. Clamp tonnage is generated from two high-torque, high-force rotary actuators. The clamp unit offers a usable platen area 16 in. tall x 48 in. wide, with extra-thick, nickel-plated platens to ensure evenly distributed clamp force and minimal deflection. Options include parison programming, pull-up or ram-down style neck calibration for handled bottles, or spin-trim systems for non-handled bottles.

The RS-90 can be integrated in line with the new VT-3 Deflash Automation Package. The direct-load VT-3 transfers parts in an upright orientation to the punch station for impact trimming. It can accept up to a triple-station nest and punch die.

Rocheleau machinery processes primarily HDPE and PP resins. Other resins, such as PETG, PVC, PC, and Santoprene TPV have been run successfully on Rocheleau machinery.


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