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Rotary Infrared Welding System Slashes Cycle Time

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Particulate-free non-contact joining from a new rotary infrared welding system with multiple heating stations to reduce cycle time. 

Dukane  is showcasing its newly introduced rotary infrared (IR) welding system that features multiple heating stations to reduce cycle time. The Rotary Infrared Welding System is designed for assemblies that fall within a footprint of 200 mm (7.87 in.) by 250 mm (9.84 in.) or less and require a fast cycle time.

The new unit provides a non-contact IR welding solution that is capable of producing welded assemblies as fast as every 8 seconds—this compared to conventional IR welding machines that can run at a rate of 30-40 sec/cycle. These rates are accomplished by enabling the normally sequential welding steps—load, heater extend, melt, retract, join, hold, open, and unload—to happen simultaneously on a rotary indexing machine. Each step of the weld process occurs at the same time on each of the indexer stations. Using this method, a welded assembly is discharged at the same time a new one is being loaded. In essence, Dukane says, this rotary welder indexes and produces a part just about as fast as the melt rate of the plastic.