ROTOMOLDING: Energy-Efficient, Small-Foot Print Rotomolder

Offers a faster operating machine and a better controls package.

The newly improved RotoSpeed RS-2600 Independent-Arm Rotational Molding Machine from Ferry Industries will provide the user with an energy efficient package, a smaller footprint for plant installation, a faster operating machine with what’s said to be an outstanding new control package. RotoCure IPC (Integrated Process Control)  will enable the operation of RotoLog, IRT, and 493K systems on board and will provide a sophisticated reporting package to local stations or to the user's intranet, the company says.

Concerning the machine’s and carriages, new features include increased straight arm weight capacity of 3000 lb; faster carriage-index speeds between stations; an available 72-position arm/plate orientation available; and dual-passage inner air on arms as standard (triple-passage air available).

The oven chamber offers automatic oven slot closure; faster oven door open/close times; a contoured oven shape to reduce oven volume; reduces energy consumption; AC VFD-powered oven exhaust fan; reduce energy consumption; and more.

The cooling chamber features quieter cooler chamber fans; faster cooler door open/close time; and a water mist as standard (high-pressure fog system available).