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Running TPE Tubing Line Has Predictive, Preventative Maintenance Features

Real-time monitoring of vibration, oil composition, motor parameters, heater status, screw wear algorithm and energy consumption. 


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Davis-Standard says the star of its NPE2018 booth is a running TPE tubing line that’s showing the benefits of preventative and predictive maintenance as part of an international trend toward the “smart factory.” Davis-Standard will provide real-time examples of the advantages of this technology, including direct e-mail notifications to customer PCs, tablets or smart phones during the show. The line will be processing TPE tubing for industrial applications and will feature Davis-Standard’s newest Thermatic extruder design along with the DS eVUE II controller.

The digital transformation occurring in the plastics industry will accelerate over the next several years and significantly influence innovation in machine design and productivity on the production floor,” notes John Christiano, Davis-Standard’s v.p. of Extrusion Technology. “With Davis-Standard predictive maintenance technology, machine operators will be alerted to issues before they happen, preventing unnecessary downtime while also collecting valuable data. Being able to monitor extrusion line variables that include equipment, mechanical and electrical system conditions and energy efficiency will provide valuable tools to improve overall performance. Processors will also be able to improve equipment performance and bring products to market faster with a measurable cost benefit. It’s an exciting trend and we’re looking forward to sharing this with customers at NPE.”

Examples of preventative maintenance monitoring include vibration, oil composition, motor parameters, heater status, screw wear algorithm and energy consumption. As part of this package, the line will feature Davis-Standard’s latest drive technology to provide notification of potential drive issues. Christiano also noted that this type of technology is ideal for the latest generation of the Thermatic extruder. The extruder’s modern platform represents a collabortive effort among Davis-Standard’s mechanical, electrical, process and control engineering departments to create optimal processing for applications ranging from blown film to wire and cable.

Christiano added, “The Thermatic is the ideal machine for this type of demonstration because it’s built for the most complex processes. It’s engineered with a high wear-resistant barrel and state-of-the-art feedscrew technology. When you take that and plug in the potential of IIoT, you’re looking at the future of extrusion efficiency.”