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Injection Molding: Screw/Barrel/Valve Package For High Glass Loadings

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Three-part plasticating package for injection molding targets compounds with high glass-fiber loadings.

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Nordson Corp., New Castle, Pa., introduced a three-part plasticating package for injection molding at last month’s Fakuma show in Germany. This Xaloy system is aimed at molding compounds with high glass-fiber loadings (up to 60%). It includes an Xaloy Pulsar mixing screw with wave-style root geometry to provide complete mixing with low shear to minimize glass-fiber breakage. An Xaloy X-8000 coating (nickel alloy with tungsten carbide) is applied to the screw to provide high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

Second, an Xaloy X-800 barrel inlay provides a barrel liner that stands up to abrasive glass fiber and is compatible with the X-8000 screw coating. Third, an application-specific nonreturn valve is designed for the viscosity and flow properties of highly filled compounds.


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