In-Mold Decorating | 1 MINUTE READ

Servo-Hydraulic Two-Platens & Toggles on Display

Chen Hsong and subsidiary Asian Plastic Machinery are showing new energy-saving models.


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Chen Hsong of Hong Kong is showing two new lines of servo-hydraulic machines. One is the Supermaster advanced two-platen series with fast clamp speeds of 750 mm/sec, modular design, and Beckoff controls. A SM700 model will be shown, but the line ranges up to 7150 U.S. tons with 242-lb shot capacity.

The other new line, Jetmaster MK6 toggles with generous tiebar spacing, B&R controls, and Japanese “precision hydraulics,” is said to be tuned for high accuracy without overshoots or fluctuations. Mold protection is reportedly so sensitive that it will not puncture a single sheet of letter paper. A JM208-MK6 will be displayed.

Asian Plastic Machinery of Taiwan, a subsidiary of Chen Hsong, exhibiting separately, is showing one of its top-of-the-line TSV servo-hydraulic toggles running IML.