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9/20/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

Recycling: Sesotec to Unveil New Metal Detector and Plastic Material Analysis System

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Sesotec GmbH will launch its Rapid Pro Sense 6 metal detector and the Flake Scan plastic material analysis system at K 2019.

Sesotec GmbH will showcase metal detectors from its GF, Protector and Rapid Pro Sense 6 series at K 2019. The detectors can be used in a variety of material infeed applications and ensure high plant availability for processing machinery and equipment by preventing unscheduled machine downtime due to metal particles and avoid the repair costs associated with breaks in production and potential recalls. 

The Rapid Pro Sense 6 metal detector, which will be unveiled at K 2019, is equipped with a newly-developed reject mechanism designed for compound manufacturers that have frequent color changes or process abrasive materials. K 2019 will also see the premiere of the Flake Scan plastic flake analysis system, which is designed to be the ideal size for laboratory use. Companies looking to turn recyclates into new granulate can use the Flake Scan material analysis system to inspect incoming goods. 

Another new solution is the ASM Quasar optical sorting system, which can be used in granulate quality assurance in plastics manufacturing to ensure that granulate with black spots, for example, are removed. Along with color, additional parameters – such as surface, shape and size – can also be analyzed, making the system very accurate in deciding what to keep or reject, the company stated.

Sesotec sorting systems for plastics recycling can be equipped with sensors that are capable of sorting bottles, flakes or regrind according to different criteria, such as color, shape, material or metal content. The various sensors can also be combined depending on the application. The Flake Purifer+ multi-sensor sorting system, on display at Sesotec’s stand, features high-precision contaminant separation and reduced loss of good material. The special material infeed system, extra-fine valve grid and optional integrated resort track on the Flake Purifer+, reportedly increases efficiency during the recycling process, especially when dealing with highly contaminated input material.

At K 2019, Sesotec is also set to showcase a wide range of service offerings. Using the new Visudesk visualization program, all Sesotec devices in a plant can be monitored and controlled. The basis for this is an OPC UA machine communication model that is implemented on the devices.


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