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Shredder/Granulator Combo Machine

Avian is showcasing a new a large-diameter shredder and granulator combination size-reduction system.


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Avian (USA) Machinery LLC, the U.S. branch of China-based size reduction equipment supplier Avian Group, introduces to the North American market a large-diameter shredder and granulator combination size-reduction system known as Shred & Grind Combi. This machine is available in three different series with seven models total.

The company says the dual-purpose machine greatly reduces total equipment investment costs for a machine that’s more compact and easier to maintain. The cost of wear parts are also largely reduce, while energy consumption is reportedly decreased by 30%.

Avian's Shred and Grind Combi machine can be applied to a wide variety of HDPE and PVC pipe, pipe connections, large bulk materials and thick-wall moldings or profiles. This machine is built to the highest quality standards and has a number of economic benefits that significantly reduces the customers' purchase budget and operating cost, the company says.

Avian Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1982 in Australia and has grown to become a global company with manufacturing, service and distribution centers in the U.S., Germany, Australia, India, Russia, the Middle East and China.