Side Gating Hot Runner Solution Cuts Assembly Times

Mold-Masters Milacron has its Melt CUBE side gating hot runner solution on display at NPE2018. 


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New at NPE2018 is a second generation of the Melt-CUBE side gating hot runner solution from Mold-Masters/Milacron. The solution enables simultaneous, direct side gating of up to eight cavities per CUBE for high-cavitation molds. A simplified design makes this generation easier to maintain and service. Tips are clamped by a single bolt in sets of two (not the entire assembly), which reduces assembly and disassembly times by up to 85 percent. Manifolds can be accessed from the parting line and tips are located to gate.

This Melt-CUBE incorporates brazed heater technology for a precise thermal profile, the enhanced ability to process it and the reliability that Mold-Masters says often outlasts the life of the mold. Mold-Masters offers a 10-year warranty. Mold-Masters says that Melt-CUBE is known for its excellent vestige control, low-pressure drop and precise cavity-to-cavity rheological balance.

Melt-CUBE side gating eliminates wasteful sub-runners and offers higher pitch density than circular systems for greater production output. The company says it is ideal for deep-draw medical parts like pipette tips, syringe barrels, needle shields or parts where only side gating is permitted. The company has a hands-on display that shows the assembly-time reduction at its booth at NPE2018.