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Single-Cavity Valve Gate Nozzle Designed for Large Shot Sizes

Originally titled 'Single-Cavity Valve Gate Nozzle Designed for Large Shot Sizes'
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Osco engineered the Jumbo valve-gate nozzle to deliver 28 lb of plastic for producing a container bin.

Osco’s Jumbo valve-gate nozzle is designed for large shot sizes and for shear-sensitive resins. With the largest feed channels ever used, Osco engineered this new, custom single-drop nozzle to deliver 28 lb of plastic for producing a container bin.

The Jumbo is built on the foundational platform of Osco’s single-cavity valve (SCV) gate. Osco says that Jumbo retains the unique and practical advantages of the original patented SCV design. For example, Osco says that the Jumbo has simplified installation, simplified operation and a robust design.

Osco’s Jumbo eliminates the need for a multi-drop manifold system along with the temperature and valve-gate controllers. Significantly less time was needed in machining to accept the Jumbo nozzle in comparison to a four-drop manifold system. The Jumbo nozzle also requires less time to install, wire and plumb than a four-drop manifold system. Osco says that using the Jumbo valve-gate nozzle simplifies the startup, the setting of the valve pin and operation.


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