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SIZE REDUCTION: Force-Fed Granulator for PET Bottles

Originally titled 'RECYCLING/SCRAP RECLAIM: Force-Fed Granulator for PET Bottles'
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Unit operates at throughputs to 7 tons/hr.

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Herbold USA Slatersville, R.I., has announced the availability of a new force-fed granulator for size reduction of PET bottles. The Model SMS 100/160-9-2 SB3features a rotor that is 20% larger than current offerings. The additional size and mass of the rotor allows the granulator to operate at higher throughput rates (up to 7 tons/hr).

Material is fed into the destruction chamber via a patented screw-fed mechanism that utilizes three vertically mounted feed screws. This feeding method reportedly offers several advantages over gravity feeding including consistent, even feed rates, reduced power consumption, no material flyback, quieter operation, less wear on the cutting chamber, and reduced fines and dust.

The unique knife geometry which positions inclined rotor and stator knives at the same, but opposing angles provides a true double cross cutting action.