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Size Reduction: Less Noise and Less Energy For Screenless Granulator

Redesigned low-speed screenless granulators feature improvements designed from the inside out, including staggered cutters for more consistent regrind using less energy.


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Cumberland’s redesigned S10 Series screenless granulators feature a new staggered cutter design for consistent, clean regrind using less horse power. Low speeds mean more quiet operation, and Cumberland says installation configuration is adaptable to the production line thanks to a 360-degree rotating vacuum take off.

In addition to staggered cutters, the S10 features hardened steel knives to help it produce uniformly sized regrind with minimal dust or longs. Ferrous magnets prevent stray metal and protect the cutting blades, and the hopper’s three windows allow granulation operations to be monitored while the machine is running.

From a safety perspective, there are three interlocks to protect the operator from accessing the chamber during operation. Safety is also enhanced by the fact that these systems are designed to be “virtually maintenance free,” according to Cumberland. Material changeovers are quickened thanks to additional access points to clean out the chamber.

The S10 Series comes in four different models with additional options to fit application sizing and throughput requirements. Motor output ranges from 0.5 to 2 hp, with a rotating speed of 25 rpms for all models. Cutting chamber widths range from 6.6 to 17.7 inches with a cutting chamber depth and height of just over 10 inches. Throughputs range from 13 to 50 lb/hr.

Cumberland said the S10 Series is ideal for specialty applications such as reclaiming sprues and runners. A small overall footprint with a light weight, portable design lends them for use in injection molding and small piece extrusion. Options include electronic packages for bin level monitoring and knife configuration.