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Post-Industrial Recycling | 1 MINUTE READ

Size Reduction: Low-Speed, Low-Noise Granulator for Sprues

Portable unit designed for presses up to 300 tons.


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Three new low-speed granulators from Wittmann-Battenfeld, Torrington, Conn. Replacing the former Junior and Minor models, the new S-Max 2, S-Max 2 Plus and S-Max 3—are for the inline recycling of sprues made of hard and brittle engineering resins with injection machines of up to 300 tons. Introduced at NPE2018, the screenless granulators generate material throughputs of 27, 44 or 66 lb/hr, respectively.

Wittmann-Battenfeld says its granulators produce less noise, save more energy, have a more compact footprint, need less maintenance, are equipped with hardened cutting tools, provide for easy cleaning and maintenance and also have excellent safety features.

They are mounted on casters for mobility. . A high-level sensor gives a visual and audible alarm to prevent overfilling of the bin. An interface also enables full communication with the injection molding machine. An optional shutdown-function saves energy by stopping the granulator automatically when the injection molding machine is turned off. They also have ARS auto-reversing control, which clears jams by automatically stopping and reversing the rotor.