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Specialty Alloys for Electrical and Weatherable Non-Automotive Transportation Uses

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A new expedited service for color matching or rush orders, and additional stocking programs for shorter delivery times, as well as the addition of multiple warehouse locations, is being featured by Polymer Resources Ltd., Farmington, Conn. On hand are samples  of compounds produced using its precision color-matching offering, dubbed Express Services.

The company is also highlighting its highly-customized engineering resin compounds, including nylons, ABS, PC and blends, PBT, PEI, ASA/PC and PPE/PS. Among its newest additions:

● A PC/PBT for natural and all-color listing designed for the electrical market. This impact-modified alloy has high UL ratings of V-O, 5VA and F1 and is said to be ideal for housings, connectors and other electrical components.

● PC/ASA blends that are both impact modified and have strong weatherable performance. The company has invested in getting weatherable data for the non-automotive transportation sector ranging from lawn & garden to other outdoor recreational and industrial equipment applications.


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