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Originally titled 'HEATING/COOLING: TCU Optimizes Energy Use with Variable-Speed Pump'
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Intelligent controllers paired with variable speed drives driven by frequency controllers allow for a TCU that uses only the energy the process needs

Single Temperature Controls, Inc., Charlotte, N.C., says its newest TCU can alter heating and cooling without having to switch off heating elements or cooling power. In a traditional TCU, the pump is turned completely on or off by a switch, as the control works to get from the actual temperature to the desired temperature. Single’s technology used the same sensors but the controller generates a signal that is proportional to the rotation speed of the motor-pump-unit, so that only the amount of water required by the process is pumped into the tool.

At temperatures of 30 C (86 F), Single says processors can save up to 70% of temperature control energy, while at higher temperatures such as 100 C (212 F), 40% can still be saved. In addition to less energy, the company says reducing the quantity of water that must be pumped in extends the life of the motor-pump-unit. Given the savings, Single says the higher investment for the enhanced controller and frequency converter can be paid back 1.5 to 2.5 years, depending on the size and power of the TCU. 


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