TESTING: Advanced DSC/TGA Thermal Analyzer

TA Instruments' STD 650 boasts excellent sensitivity, baseline stability, temperature and atmosphere control.

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A new differential scanning calorimeter and thermogravimetric analyzer (DSC/TGA) from TA Instruments, New Castle, Del., is said to deliver ‘unprecedented’ performance in sensitivity, baseline stability, temperature and atmosphere control. The Discovery SDT 650 is reportedly the first simultaneous DSC/TGA to incorporate TA’s most advanced techniques like Modulated DSC, Modulated TGA, and Hi-Res TGA, opening up new areas of research. With a temperature range of ambient to 1500 C, a wide variety of materials can be characterized on the SDT 560—excelling in both research and production control environments.

This system is also said to be the only one commercially available capable of simultaneous TGA/TGA measurement. TA’s proprietary dual-sample mode delivers independent TGA measurements on two samples. This new feature effectively doubles laboratory productivity. A simultaneous DSC/TGA measures the change in energy as a function of time and temperature, while concurrently and precisely measuring sample weight changes.