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Testing: Advanced Thermogravimetric Analyzer

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GARDCO’s new prepASH Series 340 is said to represent the highest level of TGA analysis.

The new prepASH Series 340 fromPaul N. Gardner Company (GARDCO), Pompano Beach, Fla. reportedly represents the highest level of thermogravimetric analysis (TGA, and offers  ‘revolutionary’ improvement in sample preparation, analysis and documentation.

Manufactured in Switzerland, this TGA unit automatically analyzes moisture, volatiles, ash, fixed carbon, and special application for coal & coke as per ASTM D5142-09. Key features include: color touchscreen, external calibration, alpha-numeric keyboard, RS-232 interface and, USB interface. Other features include support IQ, OQ/PQ, 4-second response time, clock (printout, GLP, GMP, auto-call), and communication options (USB, Bluetooth, wireless).




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