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TESTING/MEASURING: Gloss/Texture Measuring of 3D Surfaces

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Established instrument for measuring reflective appearance now available for measuring curved surfaces and small parts.

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A workhorse reference instrument that can capture information about the gloss and texture on a sample surface in a single fast measurement, but which previously was available only for flat surfaces, is now available in a new format designed specifically for measuring curved surfaces and small and delicate parts.

Newly available from Paul N. Gardner Co., Pompano Beach, Fla., the Rhopoint IQ Flex 20 Gloss-Haze-DOI (distinctiveness of image) Goniophotometer, priced at $6,895, measures 5.90”H x 3.11”W x 1.34” D and weighs 1.21 lbs. To be on show at NPE 2015, its features include easy results batching with user definable names; Bluetooth compatibility for transmitting data; full on-board statistics and graphs; and, easy customization. For example, the IQ Flex 20 can be customized with magnetically attached adaptor plates, which can be easily interchanged for different applications. According to Gardner, interchangeable magnetic adaptors allows reduced measurement spot sizes down to 0.157” or down to 0.0787”. The PC-compatible (USB connection) tester has a rechargeable lithium ion battery with over 17 hr operation, or 20,000 reading per charge.