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4/17/2019 | 2 MINUTE READ

Testing: 'First' Inline Inspection System for Coextrusion of Profiles that Measures Recycled Plastics Rate

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Pixargus’ ProfilControl 7 ICSM said to be first to also measure the rate of recycled material of coextruded profiles. 

A new inline inspection system from Germany’s Pixargus (U.S. office in West Chester Township, Penn.) is designed to ‘keep an eye’ on maximizing the rate of recycled material in cut plastic profiles produced by coextrusion.  ProfilControl 7 ICSM reportedly  illuminates the complete internal geometry of the profiles and measures the coating layers and wall thicknesses in a continuous process. In this way, according to Pixargus, it is possible to maximize the use of recycled plastics in profile cores, resulting in both more cost-efficient production and more sustainable products.

In order to get a grip on the inside geometry of profiles, Pixargus has merged special measuring algorithms into an entirely new measuring concept. Highly specialized algorithms measure not only the coating layers and wall thicknesses, but also the rate of recycled material used. “It has now become possible to increase the rate of recycled material in profile production up to the ultimate limit because the rate is being continuously checked as the profile leaves the cutter,” explains Michael Frohn, Sales Manager at Pixargus. The ICSM system is already being used for the inspection of cut window and metal profiles. It is also the solution of choice for the inspection of extruded hoses and tubes, where it can be used in place of conventional ultrasonic measuring systems.

Pixargus claims PC7 ICSM is the first inline gauge measuring the inner cross-section geometry, clamping sections, internal webs, and coating and material thicknesses of cut profiles in extrusion lines directly after the cutting device. Flaws occurring during production can now be detected much earlier and corrected in real time. Another advantage is that instead of picking random samples, PC7 ICSM checks the inner cross section of all profiles within a batch. Each profile is 100 percent inspected at each individual cut. A test log is automatically generated for each piece of profile. The inspection takes place immediately after the cut. Contaminations of the measured profile in the form of saw dust or deformations caused by hot cutting techniques (guillotine cutting) are recognized with high reliability and masked out.

PC7 ICSM is available as inline system or as a stand-alone, offline measuring station. For the offline inspection of profiles that come as cut pieces, Pixargus offers automated inspection of the surface and the outside and inside contours of profiles all in one unit. The inspection system is ready for use in Industry 4.0 environments. It comes with all common interfaces, such as OPC and UA, and can be integrated within the closed loop controls of the extrusion line.



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