TESTING: Fully-Automated Water Vapor Transmission Rate Tester for Packaging

Mocon's new tester is said to be the first-ever, fully-automated WVTR unit for packaging and other barrier structures.

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 Leading manufacturer of permeation instruments Mocon, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., recently unveiled what is reportedly the first-ever, fully-automated testing system for water vapor transmission rate (WVTR)—the steady rate at which water vapor permeates through a film at specified temperature and humidity conditions) for packaging and other barrier structures.

            The WVTR testing capability of the Permatran-W Model 3/34 G is expected to save significant time and associated costs for food, pharma, beverage, medical device, electronics companies as well as manufacturers of construction products whose objective is to select and qualify optimum barrier materials. With the goal to meet performance, shelf life and cost parameters for moisture-sensitive products, the new testing system reportedly is also ideal for processor and resin products who want to test film materials as well as finished products.

            In automatic mode, Model 3/34 allows the operator to simply mount a test film, set the temperature/relative humidity conditions and begin the test. This made possible by Mocon’s new TotalCal capability, which is said to improve accuracy and eliminate significant test time. It also is said to reduce time and improve accuracy in the “advanced testing mode” where operators set all testing parameters. TotalCal allows for four NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) calibration films to be stored and a calibration curve is generated across the system’s entire range. Regardless of the test film’s transmission rate, TotalCal is said assure an error-free and accurate result. The new system also includes Mocon’s proven TruSeal technology which eliminates the entry of ambient air into the test cell, ensuring that only the water vapor that enters the cell via transmission is measured.