Testing: High-Pressure TGA Benchtop for High-Performance Plastics

TA Instruments is said to have launched the first ‘benchtop’ high-pressure TGA system.

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What is said to be the first ‘benchtop’ high-pressure TGA system has been launched by TA Instruments, New Castle, Del. At the core of the new Discovery HP-TGA750 is a patented ultra-high resolution magnetic suspension balance, and new temperature control system that combined produces the most sensitive and accurate results. Its magnetic suspension balance design is said to increase the measurement performance and to isolate the measurement transducer from the sample chamber for better gas compatibility and pressure control.

The instrument measure sample weight changes under controlled conditions of temperature, time, and atmosphere. It is used to characterize the thermal stability and composition of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, and inorganics. The company sees it as particularly suitable for testing high-end plastics under application relevant conditions. For example, some high-performance plastics which have outstanding properties of toughness, high tensile strain to failure and low moisture adsorption also may likely have high transition temperatures (e.g., PEEK, polysulfones, nylons) that require high processing temperatures close to their decomposition temperature. Such an instrument characterizes thermal stability by gravimetrically measuring the weight change of the material under elevated conditions of temperature, pressure, oxygen levels and so on. Measurements can be made under isothermal and temperature ramp conditions to best understand not only the decomposition temperature but also the decomposition kinetics.