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Testing: High-Throughput Water Vapor Permeation Analyzer

Ametek Mocon’s new Aquatran 3/38 vapor permeation analyzer geared to labs that perform a high volyme of barrier fil, QC testing. 


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A new high-throughput water vapor permeation analyze from Ametek Mocon, Minneapolis, Minn., is said to be ideal for labs that routinely perform a high volume of barrier film quality control testing. .


Aquatran 3/38 reportedly takes advantage of many of the great features offered by the next generation of Mocon permeation analyzers (small footprint, easy-to-use software, and automated control features) while featuring an innovative 4-cell testing capability that can measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of four barrier samples at the same time. 


The analyzer uses a novel dual film sample cartridge to doubles the testing capacity over traditional two-cell instruments. The dual film sample cartridge is both reusable and removable from the analyzer, which allows film samples to be consistently prepared and loaded into the cartridge on a lab bench. Additionally, with multiple cartridges, samples can be prepared while films are being analyzed, resulting in less instrument idle time and more testing. Combined with new QC Test Mode and a test method library to store parameters of frequently used tests, the simplified operation of this new analyzer makes it ideal for the high volume packaging film QC lab. 

The new high-throughput analyzes can test the WVTR on films from low to high barriers. It complies with ASTM standard F1249, and reportedly provides very accurate and repeatable test results within a wide detection range from 0.05 to 100 g/(m2*day).