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TESTING: In-Line Ultrasonic Measuring System for Pipes, Hoses, Cables

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Zumbach to showcase its new Wallmaster in-line measurement and control system which boasts an ROI of just a few months.

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Boasting material savings thanks to in-line measurement and control of eccentricity and wall thickness in a versatile high-tech ultrasonic system that offers application-specific ways for measuring and monitoring wall thickness of extruded pipe, hoses and cable jackets. Developed by Switzerland’s Zumbach (U.S. office in Mount Kisco, N.Y.), the measuring data processor with tough-screen display reportedly gathers data and QC fully automatically.

            In combination with ultrasonic UMAC scanners and various ODAC diameter measuring gauges as well as with error detectors, the measuring and monitoring scale can be expanded to outside and inside diameter, statistics, SPC and processor communication. Zumbach maintains that manufacturers using Wallmaster measurement and control systems can economize their expenditure of raw materials, with return-on-investment achieved with a few months. Use of these systems is also claimed to allow for a considerable reduction in start-up time. At the K 2016 exhibition, the company will highlight the novel construction of the patent-pending ultrasonic scanners: the transducers can be individually or simultaneously adjusted to the best possible measuring position within seconds. The scanners cover and outside diameter of up to 180 mm and represent a smart approach for full non-contact, in-line eccentricity and wall-thickness measurement.