Testing: Laser Scanner for Complex Parts

Nilon Metrology’s new handheld instrument is said to be ideal for use during prototyping and design of thermoplastic parts and reverse engineering.

A hand-held scanner that incorporates blue laser technology, ultra-fast frame rate, specially developed Nikon optics and the ability to measure the most challenging materials has been introduced by Nikon Metrology, Inc., Brighton, Mich.,

Said to represent a new generation of scanners, the ModelMaker H120 scanner is said to be ideal for use in the production of thermoplastic parts. According to the company, it can be used during prototyping and designing of parts and reverse engineering. It can be used to check the details and complex shapes of part produced. “We have scanned die to monitoring die ware as the parts are manufactured,” says assistant marketing manager Meghan Meinert.

The unit features a field-of-view width of up to 120 mm and a point resolution of up to 35µm. Its extremely fast frame rate of over 450Hz is available even when measuring difficult materials such as carbon fiber, gloss black, reflective or significantly multi0colored parts. With 2000 points per scan line and no reliance on point-to-point interpolation to artificially boost data density, it is possible to measure very small details on large surfaces even when cycle time is critical.