TESTING & MEASUREMENT: Geometry Measurement and Structural Inspection Combined

Combining metrology and tomography allows geometry measurement and interior structure inspection.

ZEISS Industrial Metrology, Maple Grove, Minn., will feature the METROTOM 800 computer tomograph, which was specifically developed for 3D measurements and structural inspections of complex parts, at NPE2015.

ZEISS deploys what it calls metrotomographythe combination of metrology and tomography—enabling both the dimensional measurement of the geometry and the inspection of the interior structure of parts up to 150 millimeters.

ZEISS will also feature its O-INSPECT 322, the company’s smallest system within its coordinate measuring machines. Combining contact scanning and optical measuring, the machine is available in two sizes: the new O-INSPECT 322 and the original O-INSPECT 442. Both machines use the same sensors and function; differing only in the measuring range.

Flexible surface and roundness measurement systems will also be featured in Orlando, including the NEX series of surface and roundness instruments. ZEISS says these allow both types of measurements to be completed with one system. The SURFCOM NEX offers a single hybrid detector to measure surface texture and contour, simultaneously, while the RONDCOM NEX offers high spindle accuracy and allows optional surface roughness measurements in the horizontal, vertical and radial axes.