TESTING: New Software Boosts Surface Analyzer's Capabilities

BTG Labs has further enhanced its unique handheld Surface Analyst for shop floor use.

Cincinnati-based BTG Labs  has introduced the new Archer software that further enhances the capabilities of its Surface Analyst SA3001. First launched in 2014, this was the first fully self-contained instrument for non-destructive testing of a part’s surface conditions on the shop floor. Designed to quickly and easily test whether a surface is ready to accept painting, printing, or adhesive bonding, it is well suited to process control on the shop floor as well as problem-solving and R&D applications.

            The next-generation Archer software platform driving the Surface Analyst is reportedly faster, more powerful, more reliable, and even more user friendly. Like the Archer Fish, which projects streams of water with precision and accuracy, the Archer software’s higher power delivers precise and accurate surface cleanliness measurements in under two seconds. Overall, it makes the Surface Analyst better equipped to quickly and precisely verify bonding processes. Here are Archer’s key features:

● There is a new Performance Check Option with a test sequence and tool correction process to verify and help maintain proper measurement results.

● Archer Stats allow users to view a range of results in graph form directly on the instrument screen for quick access and trend analysis.

● It now allows users to quickly look up previous test results by simply typing in the test number.

● It includes modifications to icon location and naming to provide an easier-to-use GUI.

● Quicker shutdown and automotive parameter saving make for an easier exit and ensures information is saved. 

● It provides an Extended Sleep Recovery feature permitting the unit to conduct a quick 5-shot priming purge, allowing for more accurate measurement after the unit has been sitting for a long period of time.

● Automated purging avoids down time and necessity to send the instrument to BTG Labs for factory purging.