TESTING: One Sensor Inspects Roughness and Waviness

New roughness sensor boasts improved measuring productivity, reliable and fully-automatic measuring runs, and a common record of data.

Zeiss (U.S. office in Maple Grove, Minn; zeiss.com) has introduced Zeiss Rotos, a new roughness sensor that enables the standard-compliant inspection of roughness and waviness on a single coordinate measuring machine (CMM). As such, all features of a technical drawing can be fully captured with one CMM and displayed in one record.  According to Zeiss, it is no longer necessary to transfer to a surface measuring instrument.  A range of measuring positions can be reached without rechecking and a fully-automatic run is possible without the operator influencing the surface measurement.

            The roughness sensor is said to enable a new, simpler workflow in quality assurance and is particularly well suited for the quality inspection of powertrain components. The unit is intended for users that inspect size, position or form on a CMM and aalso need to measure roughness and waviness on the same workpiece. Instead of clamping the workpiece on a contact stylus instrument, Zeiss Rotos is used via the stylus changer interface on the probe of the CMM—under full CNC control. The plus for users: this takes just a few seconds compared to the previous several minutes. Measurement data from the unit is transmitted via Bluetooth to the analysis computer. The data is then imported into Zeiss Calypso software via a machine driver and can be exported with other measurement data in a common record.