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TESTING: Oxygen Permeation Tester for High-Barrier Applications

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Mocon's new oxygen permeation analyzer quickly and accurately measures OTR of high-barrier materials.

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Minneapolis-based Mocon, Inc. has launched Ox-Tran Model 2/22 L, a new oxygen permeation analyzer that has been engineered to accurately and quickly measure oxygen transmission rates (OTR) of a wide range of both high-barrier materials and packages. According to Mocon, this unit is ideally-suited for food, pharmaceutical, medical device, film converters and resin producers who want to push the shelf-life envelope by reducing oxygen permeation of packages.


Due to the advanced technology and design enhancements of this analyzer, test times are reportedly reduced significantly depending on the barrier levels. Also, the repeatability specification of this unit has been improved 2.5 times over the industry standard Ox-Tran Model 2/22 L. Barrier films can be accurately and repeatedly measured down to 0.005 cc/(m(2) • day) at precise temperature and relative humidity conditions. This is reportedly ten times more sensitive than the company’s previously introduced Model 2/22 H.