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Testing: Software Accelerates Color Formulation for Plastics, Coatings and Textiles

X-Rite Patone’s latest release of its Color iMatch boasts better match performance reducing the number of formulation steps.


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The latest release of the Color iMatch formulations software just launched by X-Rite Inc. and Pantone LLC., Grand Rapids, Mich., is said to accelerate color development for the plastics, paint and coatings and textile industries through better initial matches and fewer corrections. The new version features a smarter multi-flux matching engine with a reportedly revolutionary new search and correct algorithm that enables better utilization of legacy data. With Color iMatch, lab managers and formulation professionals can streamline complicated workflows and deliver better color matches in fewer steps for faster formulation times, cost savings and reduced waste. Other key features include:

 ●  Updated Colorant Assortment Editor, which provides specific guidance and guarantees match prediction confidence for maximized productivity and efficiency.

 ●  Dynamic formulation rules and batch processing which allows users to quickly switch between jobs by standardizing process, material and customer specifications.

 ●  Gamut Viewer to visually evaluate achievability using a unique target overlay to help users make educated formulation decisions.

 ●  Modern, intuitive interface that reduces training time and improves operator confidence

Said product manager Richard Knapp,  “We have redesigned the formulation engine in Color iMatch to significantly improve initial match and correction performance, which can cut the number of steps in half to get an approved color match. This provides a significant competitive advantage to resin, colorant, pigment and dye suppliers helping them to submit bids quickly and win new business.”

Color iMatch is compatible with current and future Microsoft operating systems and offers support for X-Rite and non-X-Rite instruments. It is PantoneLIVE-enabled for easy access to the most up-to-date spectral values for Pantone standards.